Top 5 Sex Tips From Lesbians For Men To Boost Their Sex Life

Let the ladies talk.

Let’s accept this dear men. Not all of us women have had easy orgasms, one in three to be precise. But you don’t have to worry now. We have some really amazing yet simple sex tips from lesbians themselves to please your woman more and more in bed.

It’s not that men around the world are underperforming, but it would definitely be better to have a piece of advice from women themselves.

The ‘Best Lesbian Love Doctors’ have some really good tips for men to boost their sex life. So, are you ready?
  1. Communication is the key to love. The best way is to ask your woman what she wants and add a little more in return.tumblr_mb682tIT7t1qeevu9o1_500
  2. Compliment her. Praising a woman raises her confidence and helps her forget all the crap she had been carrying all that day.

3. Just relax and let things happen on their own. The best way is to calmly listen to your partner and take a little more care if they appear stressed out.

4. Trust the vagina as it never lies. If she isn’t wet enough, then either you haven’t done enough to turn her on or she really isn’t into you.

5. Don’t generalise her. According to Katie Anne Holton, “It’s important to treat all women as individuals who already know what they do and don’t like – trust them and don’t resort to the ‘set menu.”–hFC1rv7Bd8/Utlo2jyKuBI/AAAAAAAAAaI/LZSAhJ1vMMk/s1600/large8888888888.gif

Well, you can thank us later!

Written by R. Nagayach

R. Nagayach is a Civil engineering graduate bitten by the bug of writing. Her veins carry wanderlust and she is on her quest to self-discovery. She loves to write on Lifestyle and Health when she isn't reading (and gulping down large-size pizzas).

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