There’s A Reality Dating Show Where Contestants See Each Other Naked And The Internet Is Shocked!

The dating trend has modified over the years; from quiet rooftop restaurants to noisy clubs, from waving goodbye to one-night stands, things have changed a lot from the dating in our parents’ generations to that of ours. Still, what stays common is, in most of the cases, the first thing people notice in their dates are their dress-sense, shoes, smile, body language, etc.

But if you believe that the aforementioned things are the only ones, you really need to catch up with the latest trends. Channel 4’s new reality dating show Naked Attraction is helping its contestants find dating partners by checking out their genitals first.

And we thought Tinder was pretty bold!

If you don’t believe it, check out this media report on the same:

Written by R. Nagayach

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