How This Single Dad Does His Daughter’s Hair Will Leave You Shocked

Are other daddies listening?

Greg, is a Colorado dad who recently split up from his wife. Their daughter, Izzy who was 3 at the time of the divorce had long blonde hair. Since little Izzy spend most of her time at her father’s place because her mother was traveling, he had to take care of her. The one thing he messed up big time was her hair.

She had gorgeous blonde hair but he just didn’t know how to manage them. The first time he trimmed her front bangs, he made a big mess. From then on, it’s been a wonderful journey for Greg and Izzy as her learned how to do her hair in the most expert manner.

This is what happened to Izzy during the first few months after her dad’s divorce. He had no idea how to fix his daughter’s hair and he was making a big mess while cutting her bangs.

But soon he realized that he had to do something about this. Since, baby Izzy would be spending a lot of time with her father, he would have to learn how to do her hair nicely.

For years, Greg’s hairstyle would be just shaving his entire head off but he certainly couldn’t do that to his beautiful daughter. She had gorgeous blonde hair and it was only fair that he took care of her and kept them neat.

He started enquiring about Cosmetology classes at IntelliTec college. He was working in the same college as an admissions representative so he thought it would be best if he could enroll in for a few extra classes over the weekend.

Turns out, he got a seat out there and within months he started to get better.

He started fixing Izzy’s hair step by step. Initially, he wasn’t very good but later on, all the extra hours of training really began to show. His advice to parents who have recently split and have a child is to just get out of your comfort for the best of your kid.

He started to do Izzy’s hair in an awesome way.

He became a hair whizz with Izzy’s hair and his daughter hasn’t looked so neat and adorable at the same time.

He also couples hair styles with cool hair accessories to make the look even better. Now whether Izzy is getting ready for a normal day at school, or going to a friend’s birthday party, her father can always fix her hair correctly.

He also tries out creative hairstyles whenever he gets the time.

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