Mom Creates Bizarre PUBIC HAIR DRESS Out Of Strangers’ Bushy Donations

And I’m done for today.

So the world has come to this. Sarah Louise Bryan, a 28-year-old mom from Wakefield spent the last six months creating a dress from, well, pubic hair sent to her by people across the world. The dress is more of a top and skirt combo but then it’s really very gross to even think about it. In her defense, “I thought of the design because of how gross it is. I thought what would be the worst thing to have on your dress.”

Sarah asked people on social media to send her their pubic hair (if they wished.)


“I decided to make another design following the Skittles dress, I wanted to beat Lady Gaga’s meat dress. I wanted to beat her at the title of most disgusting dress so with the help of asking for pubic hair on Twitter.”


Sarah stored the dress in her 13-year-old son’s bedroom. I really feel bad for the poor kid.



Earlier, Sarah gained a lot of recognition after her ‘Skittles dress’ made from over 3000 Skittles made her a millionaire.fkoasuidamk6

“I love creating wearable art from things no-one else would think of. I pride myself in being the first in the world to create something so unique,” says the experimental designer.

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Written by R. Nagayach

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