Why Are So Many People Using Dating Websites For One Night Stands?

A very strange thing is happening in the world of online dating sites. More than being interesting in dating and finding love, people are now looking for quick hook-ups on websites. So if you’re thinking about asking that cute girl for a coffee, she probably just wants you for a couple of drinks and a quickie!

For decades, people are using websites like Match.com to find the love of their life, but recently adults have started using these sites as a means to find an easy one night stand. A few years ago, Tinder came along and it is known to be a great flirting app, but there are still a few people on Tinder who are looking for relationships. Just for the sake of controversy in this matter, websites like JustOneNightStands.com have come up to give people exactly what they need.

With the start of this website, many adults are looking for the ‘no strings attached’ type of relationship. They are looking for all the fun but not the commitment part of the relationship. As it goes, more than 15,000 members have signed up for this website in the last month alone.


Are people getting dirtier now?

Another site known as AdultPlay.com has just popped up in the UK and it just comes as a shock to see that so many members have signed up. This website includes adults who are into some kinky kind of sexual fetishes like role playing, group sex, spanking, or even using props. It claims to be the dirtiest website for finding sexual partners.


Another website is known for its ‘safe sex’ practice and also gives advice regarding the importance of safe sex and is encouraging people to not catch anything from each other while they’re being ‘dirty’. This site advertises various methods to indulge in fun but in a safe manner and it often looks after its members. This website also involves members who are looking for affairs out of their marriage or rigid relationship scenarios so that the unhappily married folks can have something fun to do. A spokesperson on this website says that even if the members are engaging in adultery, it shouldn’t be a health hazard because they always recommend practicing safe sexual intercourse.

With the springing up of all these websites where users are mainly signing up for a few hours of fun, it raises a question regarding the morality of young generation. What is leading to all this urge to have sex but not be committed? Is the human species going towards their animalistic urge to mate but not have a permanent mate for life? Or is it just boredom that is coming out of the traditional dating pattern that is driving people into relationships like that?

Not much can be said on the mindset of people enrolling for these websites, but people are definitely signing up and actually using the services offered by such sites.

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