KickassTorrents Shuts Down After Owner Being Allegedly Arrested In Poland

The most popular torrent site, Kickass Torrents, is apparently shut down due to the owner being arrested in Poland. The order for the arrest was taken by the United States government and all the domain names under the website have been seized currently.

It was the most visited site for the sharing and downloading of files illegally and the authorities had been trying to locate the owner of this site for a while now and they finally found him.

30-year-old Artem Vaulin was arrested earlier today from Poland and it is reported that he has two criminal charges against copyright issues on his website. One charge is a conspiracy regarding money laundering and the other one is regarding a criminal copyright infringement.

Unlike other Torrent websites, Kickass Torrents doesn’t host individual files to download but guides the users to download various movies, TV shows, games, or applications from other BitTorrent users.

Assistant general attorney on this case, Leslie Caldwell said that Vaulin is running the most visited illegal file sharing website that distributes illegal files that cost over $1 billion dollars.


The authorities finally located Vaulin by posing as a fake advertiser and that’s how they found his bank account. After some more investigation and cross-checking the IP addresses of some accounts on the website, the authorities believe that they found the owner of Kickass Torrents.

Artem Vaulin managed to keep the website working for a long time by conducting the operations on various domains and servers. Each time a copyright issue would arise, he would go through a confusing process and in the end, keep as many active torrent files as possible. To get through any law enforcement, Vaulin would host proxies in various countries to get around lawsuits and copyrights charges.

In a claim mentioned by Artem Vaulin, it was stated that he maintained the decorum of Digital Millenium Copyright Act, but it was later found that he wasn’t doing so.

Currently, all the domains and proxy servers of the website are down. Nobody is sure when the owner shall be released or the website would be functioning again.

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