Karnataka Government – The Bad and The Ugly But Nothing Good for Karnataka People

The People of Karnataka had a lot of expectation from the present state government there run currently by CM Siddaramaiah, but unfortunately, the ruling party has relatively failed to meet the expectation and also failed to keep up their promises. When Siddaramaiah Government was formed in the year 2013 they had promised good governance and government inaction in Karnataka which had led him to come to power.

But in May 2018 when his government will be completing its 3-year term many people think that government has relatively failed to deliver to its citizen what they had promised at the time of the election.  So let’s have a look at which areas and aspects this government has considerably failed to perform as what being expected of people of Karnataka.

Major Areas Of Failure By Karnataka Government

When the entire North Karnataka was under drought, then the state government has done nothing other than sending petitions to central government seeking for financial aid.  But lots can be done by the state to control the drought-like situation at least to some extent.

We all know that Bangalore is the gateway to investment in Karnataka but this government is simply using the city as a piggy bank with no returns.

Well, another big issue is the water crisis in the state. People of Karnataka is going through very tough times with an inefficient supply of drinking water. Here the shocking incident is that no major action has been taken by this state government to bring this situation about the water crisis under control.

Apart from that another major drawback of this government is that it lacks a proper vision since it simply surviving on subsidies. In the next two years, state government needs to focus on overall development of Bengaluru that makes up to 60% of the state’s GDP else no investors will invest in Karnataka.

Further, this government has done nothing in reviving all the rivers of the state which has further worsened the ongoing water crisis in the state.

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