Husband Hides A Camera To Check If Housekeeping Is Stealing, What Gets Recorded Is Shocking!

He really didn’t expect this.

A Reddit user ‘feelingveryconfused‘ is literally living his name, and we can realise why. The 36-year-old Redditor is shattered after finding out a startling truth about his own home.At first, he noticed some stuff regularly missing from his home and his suspicion landed on housekeeping. One day, it got really weird when his Seiko watch that was missing that very day magically appeared in his dresser the next morning!

Bewildered, he hid a camera in his bedroom to check what exactly was happening, and what he saw was totally shocking. He took his shock-story to Reddit and shared it with the netizens there.

It all starts with him suspecting his housekeeping of stealing his household stuff.

Our housekeeper is a 25 year old LPN student at a local college. She came highly recommended by a pastor friend of mine who had used her to clean their house for a few years before he moved. She is an excellent housekeeper, no problems there.

About a month ago I noticed that my seiko watch was missing. I looked for it for a whole week, and then magically it appeared back on the dresser the day she cleaned. I questioned her about it and she said she found it behind the dresser, however, I remember looking behind the dresser very well because … well I assumed that’s where it would have fallen.

There were other things over the last year that got moved around or suspiciously missing but then reappeared but you get the idea. I was so sure that I had looked behind the dresser I decided to set u,p a trail camera kind of nestled behind a bookshelf overlooking our bedroom, and more importantly, all of our expensive stuff like jewelry and handgun (yes in a small locked handgun safe).

But the only thing the hidden camera revealed was that everything in his closet was in place – except for his bag of sex toys.

The camera has been up for 2 weeks now, and last week (she cleans on mondays) and I noticed her spend a curious amount of time in our closet, but otherwise nothing out of the ordinary. Its also just picture mode so its hard to tell exactly whats going on.
When I got home that night I checked the closet and could see that she appeared to have moved our “toy” bag if that makes sense., everything appeared to be clean, so I had no idea if she had actually messed with anything inside or not.

The housekeeping was getting nasty with his wife. Ouch.

I decided to wait and see if anything more concrete would surface. This week, I went out of town monday morning (06/20) for a 1 night business trip, and I got back late last night. After everyone was in bed I took the card out of the camera and checked the pictures.

What I saw made we want to throw up. You can see her come in and start cleaning, and then after about 30 minutes there’s another picture of her going into the closet, and then coming back out with the toy bag. She lays on my bed, right where my wife usually sleeps, and starts to play with a vibrating egg. Its hard to tell exact toys because of the resolution, but this one has a cord so I’m pretty sure. The next thing I see is my wife walk in, and sit on the bed. If she was surprised I couldn’t tell from the pictures.

My heart started pounding. I am thinking that my wife just caught her in the act! Why hasn’t she told me about this???? It looks like they just talk for a bit. Then, the housekeeper leans over and the next picture shows her head between my wife’s legs.

Sorry, bro.

There are 6 pictures of this, and some that show toys being used.

At no time was there any kissing, but I could have missed it. Just purely sexual. All total there were 57 pictures, but only about 15 of them were related to this. Its really hard to piece the whole story together with pictures (there’s a 1 minute delay on the camera between pics, plus it has to be triggered by motion)

But the couple had already discussed threesome in the past.

I am feeling so confused. I love my wife. She is an awesome person and I don’t know of any infidelity in our relationship. I also HATE the fact that I found this whole episode to be arousing yet made me want to vomit.

I know I have to address it, I just don’t know what to say. The truth is, she has fantasized about being with a woman and we have actually talked about having a woman join us if we could find the right one.

But not like this!

Am i overreacting???

tl;dr: Thought housekeeper was stealing, instead found her looting my wife. I am feeling incredibly confused, betrayed and aroused. I don’t know WTF to do.

He says divorce is the last thing on his mind, but he’s looking to take a fuckin’ revenge on wife.

If this were a guy, I think I would probably be raged beyond asking for advice on reddit advice forums. But its such a strange feeling. There’s not really any jealousy feelings, just a bit of anger and this strange feeling of sadness because I might have gone along with this had I know about it ahead of time. I just feel betrayed.

Alright, I’m going to text her now. I feel like I won’t be as emotional if I do it over the phone. I just want to find out what happened.

Here’s what I am sending her:

“Wife”, you know I suspected “Rachel” was stealing from us? Well, I set up my camera in our bedroom. I did this to catch her, but it obviously caught something else. I’m not mad at you, I just feel betrayed. Why would you do this without talking it through to me?

I’m wondering what’s gonna happen next with this guy’s life!

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