What If Disney Princesses Were Pregnant And Had Babies!

The mom Ariel is so damn cute.

Disney princesses have always been the topic of interest for all, be those 10-year-old school going kids or their 40-year-old parents! Artists around the world have been imagining Disney characters, especially Disney princesses in various lifestyles, forms, and clothing. And they haven’t disappointed us ever!

Ever imagined what the Disney princesses would look like if they were mothers with cute babies? Well, artist Isaiah Stephens thought the same and brought her imagination to colors in this beautiful series of pregnant Disney princesses. Check it out!

1. Jasmine

2. Elsa

3. Belle

4. Aurora

5. Mulan

6. Pocahontas

7. Ariel

8. Rapunzel

9. Tiana

Written by R. Nagayach

R. Nagayach is a Civil engineering graduate bitten by the bug of writing. Her veins carry wanderlust and she is on her quest to self-discovery. She loves to write on Lifestyle and Health when she isn't reading (and gulping down large-size pizzas).

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