These Countries Are Offering Official ‘Period’ Leaves To Women

Is the world listening?

Everyone is aware of the monthly red devil that tortures a woman’s body and mind. If you’re working in an office with female employees around you, you would know that there come a couple days each month when her productivity reduces and she can’t seem to focus on anything. This is the reason why some countries are offering official and paid leaves to women known as ‘period leaves’. It is said that once a woman recovers from a period, her work capability and productivity is dramatically increased.

Due to this, a company from UK called as Coexist, decided to grant leaves to women for a few days during their menstrual cycle without deducting any pay. Their aim is to synchronize efficiency in work with physiological cycles so that correct work standards can be maintained.

Before this, Nike introduced period leaves for all their female employees in 2007 and also signed a memorandum with their business partners so that these rules can be kept in place while working in partnerships as well.

This move by Coexist is definitely no the first time a company has been able to grant leaves to its female workers on the account of menstrual cycles. Some countries practice this entirely or in bits and here is a list –

  1. Japan – After the WW2, Japan decided to ensure that all women are granted a leave if their physiological condition doesn’t allow them to work efficiently during a few days of the month. They want women to open up and speak freely about their bodies because a woman is also an important part of the society in today’s world. As more and more companies are employing women into their work system, it is only fair to look after their health and welfare.

2. Taiwan – The policy of granting period leaves was introduced very recently in Taiwan. In 2013’s amendment for Gender Equality In Employment, women are granted 3 days of leave per year along with 30 days of half-paid sick leaves.

3. China – Although, there are some provinces in China that allow a 2-3 day leave for women under medical grounds, all areas of China haven’t been able to implement this plan as yet. The sick leaves for all employees remain the same and they also need to produce a certificate from a medical practitioner to get their pay from the sick leaves.

4. Indonesia – Indonesian women are allowed to take two days of leave per month on the account of menstrual problems in every company. Although, there are still some loopholes to this rule but if a woman wishes, she can sue her company for not allowing the leaves.

5. South Korea – Leaves for women were introduced in 2001, but there are still some issues related to the same. The men from South Korea tend to protest regarding the law on the basis of discrimination so some companies have slashed the law on account of the largely dominated male population in the work sector.


Women are gaining the upper-hand in the commercial sector and that also means that they will need some sort of recognition for their health issues. Although many countries of the world are raising questions about female health and welfare, there are still some areas that turn a deaf ear towards problems faced by women.

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