Congress Govt In Karnataka Failed On Atrocities Against Dalits And Women

Bengaluru: The state and parties are fully pushing to secure tickets for the loved ones. Thought, the time of the election process is everywhere in Karnataka, the opposition BJP has brought out a ‘chargesheet’ against the ruling Congress.

Yes, BJP hit high on the ruling party over numerous issues, including declared failures on the law system and, atrocities against Dalits and women, drug mafia and farmers suicide. As well as the opposition BJP mentioned some other charges which are sure will put down the image of ruling party as killings of Hindutva activists and poor infrastructure in the city.

Union Minister for Law and Information and Technology, Ravi Shankar Prasad while releasing the three booklets said, Congress has nothing to prove to the public when it endeavors votes from them for the Assembly elections. However, he said, “Let me tell Siddaramaiah that you have not even four-five outstanding areas of achievements which you can convey (to the public)… you go everywhere (portraying) a negative BJP and negative Yeddyurappa.”

From farmer suicides, to drag mafia to poor infrastructure in the city, the failure list of Siddaramaiah government is long that definitely will go in hand and hand for the opposition.

  1. BJP brings out charge sheet against Congress govt in Karnataka

BS Yeddyurappa, the BJP chief pointing out the Siddaramaiah government said, “Congress has pushed Karnataka behind by at least 20 years in terms of development due to breaking infrastructure and inadequate law and command situation in the state.

  1. Chargesheet on issues such as failures on law and order font

One of the most important point that BJP can issue is the utter failure of law and order particularly in keeping the safety of single women and youth, including sexual harassment, moral police, and churches attacked etc.

  1. Atrocities against Dalits and women

Dalit offenses are very common in India but Karnataka has recorded the highest rate of cases under the SC (Scheduled Castes) and ST (Scheduled Tribes) Act in the country during 2014. The state has received questionable distinction over the number of cases per one lakh population of SC and ST people.

  1. Farmers Suicide, Drug Mafia:

Lawlessness in Karnataka leads death of farmers and deeply rooted drug mafia and sand mafia. And, same has been included by BJP in the issued charge sheet that ruling govt. having a soft corner for terror elements as well as drug mafia in the state.

  1. Other charges were killing poor infrastructure in the city:

Karnataka has a crumbling infrastructure like foaming lakes, pothole-laden roads, piling garbage, flooding and the dealy by Congress in providing basic infrastructure has been one of the biggest dropdowns of the party and this is bogged down by lack of outlining by authorities.

State BJP chief B S Yeddyurappa said that the record of the Congress has pushed Karnataka behind by at least 20 years and as a result, it could not win a single seat in Tripura or Nagaland.

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