This Is How Casual Sex Is Different From Sex In Long-Term Relationships

Casual sex is more about friends with benefits and one-night stands, whereas a long-term relationship is beyond sex; there’s cuddle together, taking care, and the little gossips of the day. But there are people who like no strings attached in their personal life and casual sex is their secret haven.

Here are the 6 major ways how casual sex is different from a long-term relationship:


So what do you prefer, a lovely relationship or a no-strings-attached sex?

  1. You need to get creative and experimenting in a long-term relationship

LTRs last for years and decades, and eventually, you need to spice up your sex life to keep up the flames high. Whereas in casual sex, you can just have fun without having to put many efforts into new stuff.


2) It’s easy to criticize in casual sex

Casual sex is pretty open to criticism, and frank talks. While in the case of LTRs, you need to keep it sweet and polite without hurting your partner.


3) You have to work to prioritize love making in a long-term relationship

In the case of casual sex, you know it’s gonna happen anyway. But when it comes to LTRs, other things can come in the way and sex could go on the back front. So you gotta work to get it.


4) Casual sex is awkward with eye-contact.

Casual sex isn’t completely without affection but isn’t the same either. In a long-term relationship, eye-contact during love-making makes the environment of the room even steamier.


5) The cuddle factor of LTRs

There’s not the touchy-playful feeling between the couple who just had coitus when it’s the case of one-night stands, but pretty much in a long-term one.


6) The connection that stays

In the case of casual sex, it’s just about doing your business and leaving, but feelings stay and keep growing in a long-term relationship. Anniversaries, first calls on birthdays, surprises; these all come with a dedicated relationship.

Written by R. Nagayach

R. Nagayach is a Civil engineering graduate bitten by the bug of writing. Her veins carry wanderlust and she is on her quest to self-discovery. She loves to write on Lifestyle and Health when she isn't reading (and gulping down large-size pizzas).

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