9 Awesome Things You Can Have In India Free Free Free!

India is indeed a beautiful country

India is a land of cultures, customs, rituals and things that you can’t get anywhere else. One thing is common among all of us is our love towards free things. It doesn’t matter which class of the society you belongs to your ears will stand at the word ‘free’ or ‘discount’.

And India has a lot of free things to offer and we have made a list of those things. And it is for Indians as well as for foreigners who are planning to travel to India.

Go and try all these awesome free facilities that India provides you. And I am sure it will make your day.

1. Rare books in National Library


National library is situated in Kolkata and is the biggest library of India. This place was built for providing assistance to needy students. You can read as many books you want to read and can stay here as long as you wish. It’s basically for book lovers.

2. Delicious cuisine


This is best things that Indian foodies can ever think of. You can get delicious Indian food for free in any of the temples. These dishes are straight from the religious kitchens and they don’t even charge a single penny.

Written by A. Garg

I am a student and a writer. Along with that, I am a dreamer and believer. Also, I am a happy go easy kind of a girl.

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